Birth & Postpartum Workshops

For more than 40 years I’ve been a birth professional, working first as a certified childbirth educator, and a doula, and then offering exercise classes to pregnant women and mothers and babies. During those years I taught classes, facilitated workshops, and provided postpartum support groups to new mothers.

I loved that work – teaching mothers how to work with their bodies when giving birth; the sharing among mothers that took place in my postpartum groups and exercise classes; and the babies as they opened to the world in wonder.

These days this experience has been distilled into two important workshops for expectant and new parents.

Avoiding Birth Trauma: The Missing Link in Birth Preparation The incidence of traumatic childbirth has grown exponentially over the years. This workshop addresses this worrisome development in childbirth and offers strategic ways to avoid this experience.

Knowing your rights, negotiating with healthcare professionals, and understanding some of the physiological factors that contribute to traumatizing events is the way. Designed to be added to conventional childbirth preparation, this half day workshop fills in the gap in navigating the maternity system to get the treatment you deserve.

the missing link in birth preparation
Energy Medicine for Postpartum Resilience Part One

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Energy Medicine for Postpartum Resilience, Part One

Postpartum W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.: Making the Most of Life After Birth is a full day workshop to prepare expectant parents for the normal challenges that occur after a baby is born into the family. Although birth planning is an established process of maternity care, a postpartum plan is equally important for a healthy and happy transition to parenthood.

The 8 keys for a thriving fourth trimester include: we – the couple relationship; energy medicine; lovingkindness; less is more; new normal; expectations; self-care; and support. This is a lively interactive workshop you won’t want to miss!

making the most of life after birth