Past Life Therapy

Our soul is on a journey through time; it is the eternal part of our self that chooses experiences that will provide necessary lessons required for its evolution. One tool that allows us to understand what this learning journey is about is past life therapy.

Past life regression has the power to also recall lost pieces of our soul, heal deep wounds affecting our energy bodies, and express the wonder of knowing the soul’s passage in and out of lives.

past life therapy - second time

We sometimes experience unusual physical sensations or strong emotions that do not seem to have any connection to the experiences we’ve had in our current life. When this happens, we struggle to attribute a cause for these phenomena, and sometimes the explanation is a past life memory that is surfacing in this life to be resolved and cleared.

Very often it is a trauma that was experienced in a previous lifetime that has left its imprint, or samskara, on the soul entering a new life. The soul has incarnated in order to reconcile this issue.

The healing potential of past life regression

The healing potential of past life regression is profound. It can unlock physical symptoms, relieve emotional blockages, and restore balance when other therapeutic modalities have failed. We come to earth with stories from other lives that impact on our current life.

Whether it is a deep seated phobia, a pain or restriction in the body, or a recurring attitude that causes difficulty, past life therapy can release and heal those problems by working through the trauma that left scars on the soul.

benefits of past life therapy

Some of the benefits of past life therapy are:

  • Finding out the purpose of this life revealed through integrating the experience of other lives
  • Discovering that characters who we recognized in a past life are now people in our current life
  • Healing samskaras for a joyful return to wellbeing
  • Understanding past life themes and how those patterns are playing out in our current life
  • The resolution of individual stories we bring with us that are yearning for closure
  • Clearing away the past for a powerful present and a happy future

How I work

My style of practicing past life regression is to have an exploratory meeting with the client before any regression work begins, with the intention of gaining insight into the background and history that will be utilized when we move forward to the actual regression process.

Vital preparation work is done in this preliminary session, which is usually an hour long, and past life regression will begin with the following session. All regression work is done on a two-hour basis.

Past life regression is a powerful process and not a dalliance for curious minds. Some practitioners offer ‘taster sessions’ or demonstrations in mind/body/spirit events. I do not because regression is a serious experience designed to heal and not entertain.

past life regression

Do you think past life therapy is for you? Feel free to contact me, and we can see if you would benefit by this fascinating process.