Hypnosis is a wonderful means for connecting with the unconscious mind. Our conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg, and the vast majority of our mind is below the surface.

The unconscious mind holds a record of everything that has ever happened to us and influences how we operate in the world. Hypnotherapy is the use of trance, or hypnosis, for accessing this information for healing in a clinical setting.

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. Stage hypnotism, often done as a form of entertainment, is often the only idea people have for hypnosis. Because that purpose is entertainment and not healing, people have fears that hypnosis will make them do strange and outlandish things. This is not true.

Hypnosis is a focused awareness that promotes a profound state of relaxation in the client, so that contact with the creative, deeper parts of the mind (below the surface of our conscious awareness) becomes available for healing.


Natural Trance States

We move through trance states very naturally over the course of the day. The obvious example is driving from one place to another while we are thinking about various other things. How did we arrive at our destination? 

The unconscious mind takes over and does the driving automatically while we drift into a state of trance. Can you think of any other examples of how we experience trance on a daily basis?

Your Ability to Thrive

Trance that is part of the healing process is a way of removing barriers that interfere with our ability to thrive. As we learn to resolve conflicts, problems, and habits through trance work, this leads to an expanded awareness and a state of receptivity that increases wellbeing. Hypnosis can transform a problem into a solution which supports us to access a higher state of consciousness.

ability to thrive

Strength to Move Forward

The creative shift provided by hypnotherapy brings us in touch with inner resources we didn’t know we had. When we utilize these resources, we embody a new level of wholeness with the strength to move forward in life. This is what I wish for my clients using hypnotherapy.

As a mobile therapist, I come to your home or office at your convenience for face-to-face hypnotherapy. And since the coronavirus pandemic disrupted our lives in 2020/2021, virtual hypnotherapy has become possible using video platforms like Zoom or Skype.

I welcome international clients who are ready to release any barriers to thriving in their lives using hypnotherapy.

Would you like to learn more?  I would be happy to hear from you when you contact me.