Energy Medicine

Always drawn to alternative and complementary medicine, I am someone who believes in the importance of holistic health, because it doesn’t artificially separate the mind and the body. When I was introduced to energy medicine, specifically Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), it felt aligned with my approach to life and healing. Energy medicine or healing works with the subtle energies of the body and its electromagnetic field to increase harmony, flow and balance.

Life After Birth book cover

After the first year of EEM training, I adapted some of the techniques and protocols to the postpartum period in my book Life After Birth: A Parent’s Holistic Guide for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester. As I complete the certification training second year, I am thrilled to share with clients the skills that allow them to apply energy medicine practices for health and wellbeing.

Energy medicine explains how the body utilizes energy for life, how our emotions affect and are affected by energy patterns, and how we connect to our environment by using energy. In Eden Energy Medicine there are nine systems that we work with, and they include 1) meridians, 2) chakras, 3) radiant circuits, 4) the aura, 5) Celtic Weave, 6) the basic grid, 7) electrics, 8) 5 Rhythms, and 9) Triple Warmer.

Some of the basic principles of energy medicine are:

  • energy wants to move, and it wants to cross over and is seen by some as figure-8s all around the body
  • energy needs space to move, or it gets blocked and constricted
  • the way the body’s energies flow, balance, and harmonize is reflected in the health of the body
  • all energies are interconnected, and therefore, we are affected by others and events in the environment
  • energy can form habits resistant to change, even when they are harmful
  • energies can be repatterned

You can foster an increased awareness of your body’s energies and energetic needs and rebalance them by creating a dialogue with your body’s energy systems. You can take control of your energy flow and healing — an empowering experience when you can help yourself feel better. This leads to a stronger energetic core and a heightened sense of wellbeing, as you bring your energies into better integration, coherence, and flow. And the best part is the final bullet point above – energies can be repatterned!

Energy Medicine for Postpartum Resilience e-book

Discover A Better Way To Navigating Life After Birth

This 60 page ebook introduces you to energy medicine techniques and protocols that you can do for yourself or with your partner. With illustrations of the techniques, you’ll be on your way to feeling stronger, more balanced, and energized.

Would you like to participate in your own healing? If so, we can work together to repattern your energies so that you are experiencing greater strength and harmony in your life and health. Learning new processes that help to organize your energies and bring more flow into your life puts you in charge of your health journey holistically. Eden Energy Medicine can be practiced as a healing modality on its own, or it can be complementary to medical pathways in ways that mitigate some of the unpleasant side effects of pharmaceuticals and technology.

Donna Eden and Dr. Diane Speier
(Here’s a photo of me and Donna Eden, 2013, when I was training.)

How can I help?

I would be honored to join you in your energy medicine journey back to health. You can reach out to me by email at: