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8 Keys for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester

What do you know about the postpartum period? Chances are, if this is your first baby, you don’t know a lot. There’s a major focus on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting but very little on what happens after the baby is born. This online course is designed to fill the gap in information and resources on the fourth trimester so that you can feel confident, calm, and in control during this pivotal time.

Ideally, this course could be done while you’re still pregnant, so that you are prepared for what’s to come, but equally if you’ve already given birth, you can dip in and out of the modules at your own pace around the ongoing needs of your baby. Either way you will learn valuable strategies for dealing with the ups and downs of the postpartum period that helps you feel more whole as individuals and as parents.

The 8 modules include:

  • How to Babyproof Your Relationship
  • The Magic of Energy Medicine
  • The Importance of Loving kindness
  • The Secret to ‘Less is More’ After Birth
  • Rejoicing in the New Normal
  • Managing Expectations for Your Wellbeing
  • Self-Care is NOT Selfish
  • Embracing Support of All Kinds