Postpartum W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.: Making the Most of Life After Birth

This full day workshop is designed to prepare expectant parents for the normal challenges that happen after a baby is born into the family. The content provides 8 keys for thriving in the fourth trimester – the first three months after birth.

Based on Diane’s book Life After Birth: A Parent’s Holistic Guide for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester, exploring these elements for health and wellbeing before birth helps new parents stay connected and holistically healthy during the transition to parenthood.

W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S. stands for:

  • W = we
  • E = energy medicine                           
  • L = lovingkindness
  • L = less is more            
  • N = new normal
  • E = expectations
  • S = self-care
  • S = support
Postpartum Wellness - making the most of life after birth

We. Most couples are unaware of how having a baby can upend their lives and their relationship (sometimes called baby shock). Attending to the partner relationship protects and fortifies the couple undergoing these massive changes, both individually and as a couple, so they can work as a team.

Energy medicine is a way for new parents to manage the energy lows of the postpartum period, e.g. sleep deprivation. Energy medicine techniques offer wonderful ways to take care of yourself, whether it’s balancing stress, increasing milk flow, or enhancing the bonding process.

Lovingkindness, towards oneself and others, offsets self-blame that is common among new mothers. A feature of Mindfulness practice, it’s an attitude of allowance that addresses those automatic negative thoughts and illuminates the journey to the heart in which we open to each other and the new baby.

Less is more is a strategy that helps parents focus on what matters in the early days after birth. This approach reduces pressure to do / have more so parents can settle in to learning about their baby and parenthood. When the world gets overcomplicated, this simplifies life during the transition to parenthood.


New normal is the reality when a baby is born into a family. It acknowledges how life has changed and modifies the urge to ‘get back to normal’ felt by so many women. Embracing this expanded reality you are co-creating reduces the sense of loss of what ‘once was’ so you can move forward flexibly as life unfolds.

Expectations can be helpful or unhelpful, realistic or unrealistic. New parents often ask, “Why didn’t anyone tell us it would be like this?” Knowing how to manage expectations helps parents avoid unmet expectations (imposed by self or others) about how things should be, and instead of disappointment we nurture optimal wellbeing for all. 

Self-care, which puts the postnatal woman and her partner in control, addresses sleep needs, energy lows, stress reduction, and nutritional needs in the fourth trimester. Self-care strategies are explored in depth because new mothers often forget to take care of themselves while tending to the 24/7 demands of a newborn.

Support is crucial for the health and wellbeing of new parents. Support means different things to people and can come from family, friends, groups, classes, professionals, and even social media, if done with care. Best put in place before the baby is born, having a support network makes for a healthy adjustment.


This experiential workshop is a fun way to discover strategies that pave the way for a happy and healthy postpartum period. The interactive activities help ground the information while learning new ways to cope.

We plan for birth with great care, and the postpartum period needs a blueprint too. Building a wellness plan has the potential to optimize life after birth

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Energy Medicine for Postpartum Resilience Part One

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Energy Medicine for Postpartum Resilience, Part One