Life After Birth: A Parent’s Holistic Guide for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester

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“In the age of overspecialisation, the book by Diane Speier is a perfect demonstration of what we should expect from interdisciplinary perspectives. Diane can write as a mother, who had a personal experience of hospital and home births, and also as a grandmother. She can write as a psychologist. I have known Diane in the 1980s as a popular childbirth educator. As a conference organiser, she knows how to attract lay people and medical people as well, and how to communicate with them. She is familiar with the concept of energy medicine. She is a doula. She has been working with British “Health visitors”. She can shift from an American way of thinking to a British way. Furthermore, thanks to her academic background, she is able to detect and transmit the points of view of organisations such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, the Society for Academic Specialists in General Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. “Life after birth” may be currently classified as the most authoritative document (“the bible”?) about the “fourth trimester”.” – Michel Odent, MD

Additional reviews:

“This is a remarkable and stunningly comprehensive book, a book every woman (and man) should read whether they are beginning or continuing their parenting journey…It not only anticipates basic parenting concerns likely to occur during the first crucial months after birth, it includes almost every physical, emotional, mental, and social issue parents might face when they welcome a new baby into their lives.

The scope of Life After Birth is truly remarkable. Of particular import is her use of many subtle energy techniques and protocols which are part of energy medicine as it is taught today. Dr. Speier’s inclusion of them here adds greatly to the thoroughness of this book. In fact, so comprehensive is Life After Birth that I believe it is destined to become one of the most relevant parenting handbooks of our time. An absolute must read!” – Dr. Vicki Matthews, Naturopathic Physician


“Diane’s book is a refreshing and wide-ranging look at the all-important, and vastly underrated fourth trimester. I hope it’s widely read by parents-to-be well before they encounter the challenges that have been culturally overlooked for so long.” – John W. Travis, MD, MPH, co-author, Wellness Workbook


“There is an abundance of information and advice about pregnancy that abruptly stops with birth. This is leaving many parents in the postpartum period – a time of intense needs, life upheaval, joy yes, but also confusion and overwhelm – feeling lost and alone at a time they’re likely to need direction and support the most. Combining ancient wisdom with modern psychology and science, Life After Birth is a wonderfully informative and comprehensive guide, covering important “need to knows” of the physical, mental, emotional and early relational shifts of those crucial first weeks of family. It’s a book that has been sorely missing from the literature. And is needed. Because it’s how couples start to navigate the normal twists and turns of the postpartum period that sets the stage for how the next few years will unfold for their family.” – Elly Taylor, Author and Founder of Becoming Us


“As a childbirth educator and doula instructor for many years I have always shared a reading list with my class participants…. The one area that has always been lacking is postpartum or, the fourth trimester….  Over the years it has been challenging to find a good book to recommend on this topic, until now!  In the book Life After Birth, Diane S. Speier discusses life with a newborn and how parents can find the support, time and coping skills to make a smoother adjustment. 

Not only does the author map out how the postpartum phase unfolds but she also gives tips and hints on what can be done to help the new mother heal and recover from childbirth,  including getting rest and good nutrition…. The partner is given concrete ways in which they can help. She discusses nurturing the parent’s relationship which is vital in this new phase of life.

I would recommend the book to be read during pregnancy and then referenced during postpartum because most parents are in a fog during the postpartum period, and will not have the energy to put into reading the whole book…. Life After Birth was a very exciting and uplifting read, a valuable book with much important information.” – Crystal Sada CNA,  CPPD, LCCE


“Life After Birth / A Parent’s Holistic Guide  for  Thriving in the Fourth Trimester, has now become my gift of choice to pregnant family members and friends!  It is a wonderful blend of straight talking, professional know-how, and friendliness all based on documented scholarship….  At times I felt as if Diane Speier and I were having a conversation.  Her voice is caring, funny, gentle, and serious.  Her range of knowledge is comprehensive.  Life After Birth provides both an overview and the nitty-gritty how-to for the those first 90 days of being a parent.  Dr. Speier’s book is also a generous reference source, offering book and article titles, websites, excerpts from work she admires and wants her readers to know about, and even a cookie recipe “that claims to increase your breast milk supply(!).” – Sonia Still


The Author’s warmth and compassion prepares and excites you for Life after Birth

I feel really lucky to have discovered this book ‘Life after Birth’ during my pregnancy.
I read the book slowly and savoured my alone time with my bump and the book, and it truly helped prepare me and excite me for ‘Life after Birth’
Since my son was born 10 weeks ago, I have re-read several sections of the book, which have now taken on new meaning.
Diane’s warmth, compassion and positivity makes the experience of reading this Guide that much more pleasurable for new parents.” – Sarah Anderson


Fantastic resource for parents and birthworkers

As a parent and also a pre/postnatal yoga teacher and wellbeing coach I had so many takeaways from this book that I was able to pass on to my mums. I loved the sections on the fourth trimester and oxytocin which were clearly written with lots of practical advice. Diane has hands-on experience which feels invaluable when reading the book. She is able to show how what she says works. She emphasises the important of things such as bonding and breastfeeding in a sensitive way that also take into account those of us who are not able to follow this path. I highly recommend this book as an essential resource for all parents-to-be.” – Amanda Rees


Life After Birth is a must read book for women that are in pregnancy and in postpartum because thriving during this time is critical for bonding, growing, and healing…. I wish I had this book when I went through my postpartum with having two children. My first birth I had postpartum depression and I needed this kind of assistance and holistic support.

It would be wonderful to see Life After Birth book in every hospital and birth center for every family to use and put into action to prepare for the 4th trimester.

Dr. Diane Speier’s words captures the challenges experienced after birth and the need for postpartum care that aligns with support and resources. She offers a scientific and energetic model to wellness. I love the visual support throughout the book and the diagrams about how to apply energy techniques towards self-care, especially after birth and weeks into postpartum. I really appreciate that kind of support. Thank you Dr. Speier for creating this book a holistic manual for navigating the 4th trimester.” – Kelly Meehan-Tabotabo

Digital Doula®2.0 – A Holistic Postnatal App for Parents

Digital Doula®2.0 is a holistic postnatal app, and the companion to the book, Life After Birth: A Parent’s Holistic Guide for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester, by Dr Diane S. Speier. It will be regularly updated with new material based on the latest research and various sources of information in the public domain. The combination of book and app are a powerhouse of wisdom about the fourth trimester.

The app will enhance the physical, emotional, social, and relational experience that women and their partners are going through in the days, weeks and months after a baby is born. It addresses typical concerns that arise during this pivotal life transition and is available at any time of day or night!